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We specialize in Washington State and local business, sales, and property taxes.  Our services include tax audits and appeals; tax reporting reviews; customized training; tax incentives; and property tax exemptions.


Tax Audits & Appeals

We have represented hundreds of taxpayers before state and local tax auditors. We quickly and cost effectively decrease assessments with our thorough knowledge of state tax laws, years of experience with the state's unwritten procedures, and reputation with tax administrators.  While trying to resolve issues at the lowest level possible with the auditors, we also have successfully represented taxpayers before both of Washington's state tax agencies, the Administrative Appeals Division of the Department of Revenue and the independent Washington State Board of Tax Appeals.   The results of many of our appeals have been published as precedents to be relied upon by other taxpayers.

Tax Reporting Reviews
Tax compliance and reporting utilizes valuable internal resources.  And, because tax laws and enforcement policies change constantly, how a return was filed one month may not be right the next month, quarter, or year.   Using the same approach as government tax auditors and working from source records, we quickly verify the accuracy of returns for both over and underreporting and provide templates, training, and planning opportunities that will make tax reporting quicker, more accurate, and with lower tax liabilities.  Our recommendations for any reporting or reporting changes are tempered by the judgment and pragmatism that comes with over 20 years of experience and working with hundreds of taxpayers.

Customized Training

No one has trained more people in Washington State and local taxes than Mark Hugh.  Since 1993, he has taught thousands about state taxes for a variety of groups, including accountants, industry groups, attorneys, and state legislators.  His goal is to transfer his knowledge to you to avoid tax traps, protect your organization, and reduce future over and underpayments which result from the complexities of state and local tax laws.


Tax Incentives
Washington is an incentive rich state and there are programs, exemptions, and credits than can benefit almost every organization. As a result of our reviews, we have recovered millions of dollars of overpaid taxes for clients ranging in size from small start up businesses to publicly traded Fortune 500 corporations.


Property Tax Exemptions

Personal and real property tax exemptions are a valuable asset with frequently substantial annual savings.  We have comprehensive knowledge of Washington property tax exemption laws and have worked with organizations to create exemptions subsequently passed into law. Our services include planning, the application process, guiding the application through Department of Revenue review, pursuing further exemption to the Washington State Board of Tax Appeals, and annual planning to preserve the exemption and comply with the narrow and restrictive standards imposed by the state.



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